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China top-quality Q10 digital audio processor

Use Parts: 500 PIECE
Supply Ability: 50000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Product Model Q10
Frequency response range (-1dB) 20Hz-50KHz(MUSIC MIC)
Input sensitivity11MV(MIC)210MV(MUSIC)
Microphone low cut0Hz-330Hz
Use Parts500 PIECE
Supply Ability50000 PIECE
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others

Product description:

1. 16 modes can be stored, the main output is equipped with 5-band parametric equalization;

2. 24Bit data bus and 32Bit DSP are used; MIC input channel is equipped with 15-band parametric equalization;

3. MUSIC input channel is equipped with 10-band parametric equalization; 

4. central output, post output And the subwoofer has a 3-parameter equalization;

5. this series of products is a karaoke effect with a speaker processor function, each part of the function is independently adjustable.



Product Model 


Frequency response range (-1dB) 

20Hz-50KHz(MUSIC MIC) 

Input sensitivity 


Main channel tone (±10dB) 

5- parametric equalization 

Subwoofer (±10dB) 

3-parametric equalization 

Center tone (±10dB) 

5- parametric equalization 

Rear tone (±10dB) 

5- parametric equalization 

Music tone (±10dB) 

10- parametric equalization 

Microphone A tone (±10dB) 

15-parameter equalization 

Microphone B tone (±10dB) 

15-parameter equalization 

Microphone low cut 


Signal to noise ratio (SNR) 


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